Mango Hill Early Learning Open NOW!
An Early Learning Centre focused on your child discovering their wildhood!

A Mango Hill Childcare Devoted to Nature, Nurture and Play

At Mango Hill Early Learning and Childcare, we invite you to our new purpose-built facility. Our full-service daycare centre caters for 86 kids from the ages of six weeks to six years of age. 

We believe in providing an enriching environment where preschoolers gain knowledge and skills through play. All little ones are capable of extraordinary things. 

Our team is committed to nurturing their potential and uniqueness by managing and understanding a balance of education, creativity and exploration.

Expert and Passionate Care at Mango Hill

Our expert and passionate professionals will provide your kids with warm, safe, encouraging and nurturing experiences. 

We foster their knowledge through creation, exploration, improvisation and imagination, where they will discover the world of nature. 

They will also build their skills in resilience, where they will explore how to be brave, more curious and adaptable, face challenges confidently and extend their reach into the world. 

All of this prepares your child for future education and their extraordinary lives ahead.

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Let Them Discover Their Wildhood

Our early learning and daycare educators focus on natural play. Our Mango Hill facilities are inspiring spaces to run, skip, jump, dig, splash, ride bikes, laugh, make discoveries and use imagination. 

As children explore the areas around them, they will interact with their friends in the fresh air and beautiful sunshine that our state is so famous for. We invite children to be curious and unleash their ‘Wildhood’.

The potential for happiness, greatness and learning is harnessed through play. Let us nurture your little ones by helping them to feel safe, stimulated and confident while learning about their emerging interests and abilities.